Setup IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i

You can use the WEB interface to manage IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i. The IBM Web Administration for i (Web Admin) interface provides an easy to use and access interface for creating and managing all of your Web related servers on the i. Web Admin allows you to see all your Web related servers. You can see and manage, IBM HTTP Servers powered by Apache, IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM WebSphere Portal, and the new IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i.

Before you can access the Web Admin GUI you need to start the ADMIN servers. To verify the current status of the ADMIN servers, sign on to a green screen window and enter the following:

Verify that the ADMIN jobs are active as shown below:
Opt  Subsystem/Job  User        Type  CPU %  Function        Status 
     QHTTPSVR       QSYS        SBS      .0                   DEQW  
       ADMIN        QTMHHTTP    BCH      .0  PGM-QZHBMAIN     SIGW  
       ADMIN        QTMHHTTP    BCI      .0  PGM-QZSRLOG      SIGW  
       ADMIN        QTMHHTTP    BCI      .0  PGM-QZSRHTTP     SIGW  
       ADMIN1       QLWISVR     BCI      .0   THDW  
       ADMIN2       QLWISVR     BCI     3.9   THDW  
       ADMIN3       QLWISVR     BCI      .0   THDW  
       ADMIN4       QWEBADMIN   BCI      .0   THDW   

If the ADMIN server jobs are not active, start the admin jobs using the following command:

Accessing the Web Admin GUI using your browser

Enter the following URL in the browser address bar and you will get the login screen.
https://{server IP or hostname}:2005/ibm/console/logon.jsp

Setup IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i

TIP: In case you get certificate security error just add to the security exception !

Click on IBM i Management > Internet Configurations

  • IBM i Management
    • Set Target System
    • System
    • Basic Operations
    • Work Management
    • Configuration and Service
    • Network
    • Integrated Server Administration
    • Security
    • Users and Groups
    • Databases
    • Journal Management
    • Performance
    • File Systems
    • Internet Configurations

Then Click on IBM Web Administration for i, which Allows you to manage and configure HTTP servers and application servers.

One you have click on the IBM Web Administration link, you will again be prompted for a user profile. Signon using your IBM i user profile. This will launch you into the Web Admin GUI interface.

Setup IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i

When creating an IAS server, you are basically creating an application server.

The IAS server is just one of the application server options available on the IBM i. Click on the link to create a new application server and you will receive the introduction page.

Setup IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i

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