RPGLE FTP - Get, Put, Delete check for successful transmission Part 3

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Successful FTP Transmission, sample data in FTP_OUT file
FTP for file {$file_name} starting at {date}  {time}    
Output redirected to a file.                                               
Input read from specified override file.                                   
Connecting to host {$hostname} at address {IP address} using port 21.           
220-QTCP at {IP address}.                                                    
220 Connection will close if idle more than 5 minutes.                     
Enter login ID ({userid}):                                                      
331 Enter password.                                                        
230 {userid} logged on.                                                         
 OS/400 is the remote operating system. The TCP/IP version is "V5R4M0".    
250  Now using naming format "0".                                          
257 "QGPL" is current library.                                             
Enter an FTP subcommand.                                                   
> namefmt 1                                                                
250  Now using naming format "1".                                          
Server NAMEFMT is 1.                                                       
Client NAMEFMT is 1.                                                       
Enter an FTP subcommand.                                                   
> cd {$remote_dir_path}                                                                 
250 "{$remote_dir_path}" is current directory.                                           
Enter an FTP subcommand.                                                   
> lcd {$local_dir_path}                                          
Local working directory is {$local_dir_path}                
Enter an FTP subcommand.                                               
> get {$from_file_name} {$to_file_name}                      
227 Entering Passive Mode (10,0,10,13,234,11).                         
150 Retrieving file {$from_file_name}                               
226 File transfer completed successfully.                              
   928 bytes transferred in 0.289 seconds. Transfer rate 3.210 KB/sec. 
Enter an FTP subcommand.                                               
> quit                                                                 
221 QUIT subcommand received.                       

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