Set Library List using JOB Description

You can take advantage of the JOB_DESCRIPTION_INFO view that returns information about job descriptions. The values returned for the columns in the view are closely related to the values returned by the Display Job Description (DSPJOBD) CL command and the Retrieve Job Description Information (QWDRJOBD) API.
h dftactgrp(*no)                                                           
h option(*nodebugio)                                                       
d Exc_Cmd         PR                  extpgm('QCMDEXC')                    
d  command                    2000A   const                                
d  length                       15P 5 const                                
d DataDS          ds                                                       
d $count                         9s 0                                      
d $libList                    2750a                                        
d $jobd           s             10a                                        
d $cmd            s           2000a                                        
d $quote          s              1a   inz(X'7D')                           
d $errmsg         s            100a                                        
c     *entry        plist                                                  
c                   parm                    $jobd                          
  //Set SQL options                                                        
  exec sql                                                                 
   SET OPTION                                                              
  //Get Library List Info                                                          
  exec sql                                                                         
    Select LIBL_COUNT, LIBL into :DataDS                                           
    FROM QSYS2.JOB_DESCRIPTION_INFO                                                
    WHERE JOBD = :$jobd                                                            
    fetch first 1 rows only;                                                       
    if sqlcod = 0;                                                                 
      $errmsg = 'Jobd ' + %trim($jobd) + ' not found.';                            
      $cmd = 'SNDMSG MSG(' + $quote + %trim($errmsg) + $quote +                    
             ') TOUSR(*REQUESTER)';                                                
      Exc_Cmd(%trim($cmd): %len(%trim($cmd)));                                     
      *inlr = *on;                                                                 
  $cmd = 'CHGLIBL LIBL(' + %trim($libList) + ')';                                  
  Exc_Cmd(%trim($cmd): %len(%trim($cmd)));                                         
   *inlr = *on;                                                                    

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