Android upgrade Issue - Eclipse is loading framework information and the layout library from the SDK folder.

Issue: main.xml will refresh automatically once the process is finished.

This error started after I upgraded the Android SDK. This causes the graphical layout not to show. I tried a few things recommended on various sites but nothing worked. I had to redo the SDK install. Here are the steps to remove the installation.

1) Go to menu Android SDK tools and uninstall from there OR go to Control panel and remove the application.

2) Go to Eclipse, help, About Eclipse, Installation Details and remove the plugins.

  • Android DDMS
  • Android Development Tools
  • Android Hierarchy Viewer
  • Android Traceview

3) Now Install the SDK into C:/ directory, don't do it in Program Files or any other directories with Space in the name.

Click here to get Android SDK installation instructions for Eclipse

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