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USPS Tracking number link url - html sample code

If you have the USPS Tracking Number and want to put a direct link for users on your website to click and see the tracking details then put the following code your web page and merge the tracking number

Example Code for USPS Tracking

<a href="{tracking_number}"  
Replace {tracking_number} with actual USPS tracking Number


  1. The USPS Url redirects to:{YOUR TRACKING NUMBER}

  2. Thanks. This is awesome! Just what i needed.

  3. Yes, URL suggestion above (3-24-12) WORKS as of 6-1-13. THANKS!

  4.[Tracking Code 1]&qtc_tLabels2=[Tracking Code 2]

    If you have 2 Tracking Codes to follow.

    To add another, add &qtc_tLabelsX=[Tracking Code] and replace X with the next Label number.

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