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Generate XML using RPGLE with help of C language API’ s Part 5

Click here to read the Tutorial from the beginning. XML data output for the Sample RPGLE program
Here is what you get after you run the RPGLE program to generate the XML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Order Type="Sales">
<CustPONumber>TEST PO - 123</CustPONumber>
<ItemDescription>Cuisinart MultiClad Pro</ItemDescription>
<ItemDescription>Dyson Vacuum Cleaner</ItemDescription>
<Order Type="Sales">
<CustPONumber>TEST PO - 126</CustPONumber>
<ItemDescription>Houdini Hand Blown Crystal</ItemDescription>
<ItemDescription>French Door Refrigerator</ItemDescription>

Finsihed ! Thanks for Reading ...

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  1. Tested the code - wouldn't compile something missing?

  2. What is the Error? Need Copy of the Spool for your XML generation rpgle program. Did you include the copy source IFSIO_H ?

  3. I did have the IFSIO_H. Using RDp, Verify fails, Compile did eventually work. The issue was with the binding directory not being found for some reason, no spelling issues but after I manually keyed them it compiled. Must have been user error. I wanted to test this - and very nice - well laid out example. Good job. One that I will refer others to. Thank you for sharing!!

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